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Depression. Despair


Depression is something that most of us know about to some degree... that sense of heaviness, sadness, hopelessness, which drains us of energy, and enthusiasm, and seems to close life down around us. For some of us it might be a state we dip into in response a life event such as the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, or severe disappointment; for others it is a very familiar place such that although a life free of depression is a spoken desire, the prospect of leaving that familiar place for good feels oddly threatening.

Whatever form of depression you are affected by we will explore it's meaning to you and the process of moving through it. This might involve allowing yourself to cry, and/or contacting associated anger and rage: which when turned against yourself can lead to self destructive behaviour. It might also involve recognising crippling self judgement which is keeping stuck in this depression.

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